Friday, 21 October 2022

Circle Fun

I thought I would like to enter the new stencil fun challenge. I love stencils and haven't really used them enough recently so time to change that I think.

I started by cutting the circle window in my panel and then I marked the position of the window onto the card base which I stamped with a circle stamp of little tiny circles. Then I took a circle stencil and blended 3 colours of Catherine Pooler ink over my stampeded circles.

The medallion was cut several times from green and yellow card and stacked. I backed it with some pearlescent vellum to mute the background a little. The hello sentiment is stamped in Catherine Pooler ink. Can you guess why there is a little trio of tiny gems beside the h? Yup, I managed to get a smudge of ink, but I think the little gems work quite well. I also added some to the medallion for continuity.

I had a bit of an accident the other day, no not a bit of one sorry, I had an accident. I was walking with my brother from a posh dinner in London to the underground station when I tripped on a curb and went face first into the pavement. One minute I was walking along happily and the next I was face down on the pavement. I thought at the time it was my nose that took the brunt of the fall but actually it was my wrists. I now have 2 very bruised hands and wrists, which means that doing anything heavy is out of the question for a few days. My brother picked me up and dusted me down and we carried on with our journey back to his house in Woking. I gradually became more aware of my injuries (yes, there might have been some alcohol involved), which included a grazed chin and knee. I have since had my left wrist x-rayed and thankfully there are no broken bones. I am very grateful for that, as I could easily have fractured both wrists. What a nightmare that would have been.

Despite my bruised state I did manage to have a walk round the garden at RHS Wisley the next day and enjoy some autumnal colour in the sunshine.

I am hoping that my accident will mean I have a bit more time in my craft room as my bruised wrists are limiting my activities.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing.

Cardstock: White stamping card; Concord & 9th parsley
Ink: Catherine Pooler, Tiki Torch, Tutti Fruity, Party Dress, Lime Rickey
Stamps: Sentiment, Taylored Expressions; Dotty circle, unknown
Dies: Pink Fresh Studio; Spellbinders, hemstitched circles
Stencil: Pebeo, concentric circles

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today, I really appreciate it. 


Cat Craig said...

Oh Hilalry, I am so sorry you took a header....I can fall without even moving. When hubs and I were dating early on we were walking and he noticed right away I wasn't beside him nor behind, I was flat out on the sidewalk. Its unnerving how one can be perfectly fine one second and then on the ground. I sincerely hope your wrists feel better soon and that your hands and fingers have flexibility for crafting.

YOur card is a fabulous collaboration of circles big and tiny...even your gems are round. Great save, I am sure thats what embellishments are really cover and conceal! lol. Hugs and feel better.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

OH! my goodness how awful for you, after a fall a few weeks ago I know how you feel, you are lucky it was just your wrists, I hope they don't take too long to heal. Lovely photos of Wisley, sounds like you enjoyed your stay.
Your card is just gorgeous, I love the stencilling under the circle, such an effective result. The dies and vellum are fabulous. Love the save with the gems. Why can't my smudges be in a save are?
Faith x

crafty-stamper said...

Oh wow sorry to hear about your fall but sounds like you were lucky,it's so easy to fracture bones-upside no housework for a while but crafting will keep your wrists moving!Love your beautiful card and the little vellum medallion -that's what embellishments were created for lol
Carol x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

I’m so sorry you fell, Hilary! Such bad surprise in a happy day! But all in all perhaps you were lucky not to break anything and also not to have your face hit and a squashed nose!!
Surely the hands and wrist damaged aren't a lovely thing, but if you are able to walk enjoying nature and to have more time to craft, then not all evil comes to harm :)
Your CAS card is so unique, elegant and feminine with all the round shapes and the sweet colours! You have had a fabulous idea working with tiny, medium and big circles and their different type of mediums, from stamp to stencils and then to diecuts!The touch of vellum behind the flower adds delicacy and the tiny gems are just a perfect embellishment, no one would have thought that they cover smudges of ink!
Hugs, have a lovely weekend!

Loll said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall, Hilary. Thankfully your brother was there to get you up and back home. I bet you were having a lovely evening until that happened. :( Hope you heal fast and you'll be able to do everything you want soon.

On to the card ... so adorable. I LOVE your circle stenciling and your circle framed image in the circle aperture. The vellum backing on your die-cut image is just the perfect way to let all the stenciling show through. Great work, my friend. Love, Loll

brenda said...

Oh dear Hilary, that's not good news, alcohol or not still shakes you up, do hope the bruises and bumps soon heal.

A lovely post with a pretty card and photos, the different Autumnal shades in the second prove what a beautiful time of year it is.

B x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Hilary I am so sorry to hear about your accident how awful I can imagine the pain you must have been in I am glad that you did not suffer any broken bones but glad that you are able to do more crafting because your card is beautiful I love the clean simplicity and colour a super make, take care
lorraine x

Darlene said...

Oh Hilary I'm so sorry to hear of your 'incident'. Thank God you didn't break anything and hopefully you will heal quickly & completely. Your card is FABULOUS! LOVE your overall design and so happy we have inspired you to play more with your stencils. Thanks so much for joining in our STENCIL FUN challenge! Good Luck and we hope you’ll come back often. We appreciate your support!


PS ... thanks for sharing your walk through the Autumn color. Beautiful location. Everything is in color here to in Ohio, USA. Hugs

GerJanne said...

Hi Hilary!
Earlier this evening I wrote you an email (in the best english I can). I was confused about the word fall, as it is Fall this time ;-)
Your card is so beautiful and guess what? It stands here in my craftroom!!

Christine Alexander said...

Beautiful background with the circles and love your little die cut flower ♥

Ashwini Rao said...

I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you get better soon! Its a pain (quite literally as well) to not be able to use your hands normally! But I am glad you got compensated by those gorgeous views! The colors look amazing in the photos!
Your card really looks fun! I would love to sit and count the number of different types of circles in it! The little boo-boo is not even worth mentioning! :D
Sorry I was away for so long - the shifting and settling too quite a while longer than I initially thought it would. But I am back now! :)

I Card Everyone said...

I'm just going to say it... good thing there WAS alcohol involved it might have saved you from those breaks! At the least it deadened your pain for a bit, right? All kidding aside, Hilary, take care of yourself and all the time you need to heal your wounds - I'd say by Christmas you should be cooking again!
Now let's circle round to why I'm here - your card is darling! You found such a darling assortment of circles - and you already know how much I love that die! The gems are a wonderful rescue!

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Darling card with the dotty stencil, Hilary! But OMG - so glad you didn't get hurt worse. Falls can be so nasty and I'll bet you'll feel worse before you feel better (I speak from experience). Take care and heal quickly!!

aussie aNNie said...

That is lovely - and clever with gorgeous colours and fabulous design, love it ♥

nancy littrell said...

How wonderful to spend fun time with your brother and sweet of him to pick you up and dust you off after your nasty face plant..OUCH!! Happy to hear nothing was broken and you could still create your beautiful circle designed CAS card, Hilary. I love your die cut flower on your circle framed vellum. TFS your beauty and enjoy your creative time as you mend. Love and Hugs...Nancy

papierelle said...

A circle within a circle. Again, this is a wonderful idea and design!
Oh and I'm glad your accident went so lightly. Get well soon!!! Hugs Gundi

Bonnie said...

I almost had the same sort of fall yesterday, Hilary. Fortunately my grandson was in front of me and I was able to catch myself on him. Glad I didn't knock him over too. Heal quickly my friend. And what a lot of circles on your card! Well done!

Julia Aston said...

Oh goodness Hilary - I cringed as you described your going down! So glad your brother was with you and that nothing is broken - although sprains and bruises can feel worse then breaks sometimes. Please relax and take care, keep using heat or cold on your bruises - whichever feels better to you.... I love your circle card - I want to put my finger on the smaller circle and roll it around the circle! great stenciling and stamping on it - and you should not have told us about the 3 gems - we would never have guessed they were covering an 'oops'! xx

Linby said...

I winced as I read about your fall, thank goodness it wasn't worse. Do take care and I hope you recover quickly.
I love your card, it's an ingenious design and the three gems are the perfect cover for the part stamping.
Fab photos of Wisley.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A beautiful design and very pretty card.
I hope you are feeling a bit better after your fall?

Leslie Miller said...

Hilary, after I read about your card I read about your accident and my heart goes out to you! That's quite a fall. Very lucky you didn't break anything. It sounds like your wrists took quite a jolt, not to mention the rest of you, of course. I'm so sorry! About your card... clever attention to detail as always. Circles on and within circles. You have the most interesting stamps. Those little gems look right at home by the sentiment -- an artistic touch -- and then thoughtfully balanced by those in the medallion. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful autumn photos from the time spent with your brother. So lovely. Enjoy your crafty time as you heal.

Greta said...

My biggest fear--a fall! So, so sorry it happened to you, Hilary! I hope by now you're improving. So glad no broken bones. Beautiful scenery with the Fall colors. Very pretty & creative card. I'll check out that new challenge as I really want to use my stencils more, too.